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Lung cancer metastases to bones


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I was diagnosed stage 3a NSCLC over two years ago. I am in remission after left lower lobe removal, chemo, and radiation. Cancer found in one mediastinal lymph node. My last scan of lungs 6 weeks ago was clear. I've been having some pain in my right humerus and left side and was wondering if the cancer can spread to bone and not be present in lung anymore?  My PA says unlikely but will order bone scan. Any thoughts? I tend to imagine things these days and thinking it could be arthritis or old age. Haha. I'm 67. 

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Welcome here.

I completely understand your concern about a new met after a clean scan. Lung cancer can spread anywhere without a primary in the lung, but a bone scan will give you the answer. My thoughts? At 68, my bone and joint pain is likely arthritis.....

Stay the course.


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