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Staging SCLC - May use TNM system


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There is not much on staging for SCLC except "limited" or "extensive"; however, I did find statements that the TNM staging could be used. It would be nice if Googling for SCLC staging would include the TNM method.  I wanted to confirm what I was hearing from our cancer center for my wife. The most recent info indicated stage IIIB with notes T4-3, N2, MX with the primary cancer > 5cm and around the pulmonary artery. I found the 8th addition TNM staging for NSCLC which indicated that T3 is for primary cancer > 5cm. However, the pulmonary artery made it T4. The N2 tells which regional nodes are affected. The listed nodes appear to be in the center of her chest. The MX makes no sense but maybe should have been MO for no distant metastases which is what we were told. Note that I found elsewhere that an NX meant nodes not tested. Since my wife only recently had a PET scan, I wonder if her "initial" staging could change if the scan found mets elsewhere?

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