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My husband was dx Sept 2019 with lung cancer mets to the brain, the tumor was removed and had targeted radiation.  Tumor was back by Dec and had 10 radiation treatments to the whole brain.  Last treatment was Jan 13, to complicate matter he got a bad case of shingles and still dealing with a great deal of pain.  His MRI in April showed some shrinkage of the tumor but he is not recovering as I would expect, in fact he is getting weaker and has lost much of his muscle mass.  He is starting PT on Monday which I hope helps build up his strength.  Has anyone had this experience?  I am worried as you can imagine.  THanks

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Mary Ellen,

I did not have whole brain radiation, but surgery and lots of chemotherapy. Shingles does indeed complicate matters and I would encourage everyone to invest in a shingles vaccine. It is well worth the small cost is your medical insurance doesn't cover the injection.

Weakness and loss of muscle mass were indeed problems I faced and walking plus basic flexibility exercises, touching my toes, extending my arms and twisting my torso and others really helped with my muscle recovery. I can't stress the importance of walking.  Chart his progress and encourage him go to a little farther each day.  The PT will help but I needed my wife's "encouragement" to make progress.

Stay the course.



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