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The Los Angeles, CA Revlon Walk/Run.......

Guest Fay A.

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Guest Fay A.

I wrote to ALCASE asking if they were going to have a booth promoting lung cancer awareness at the May 10th LA Walk/Run. I haven't heard anything back from them yet. I've been in touch with another female Lung Cancer Survivor who lives in the Los Angeles area, and we may try to be there for the walk as Lung Cancer Advocates. Is there anyone else here who lives near Los Angeles who would be interested in participating with us? I have no experience with this kind of thing (ie no idea of what the heck I'm doing or going to do), so hearing from anyone with real experience would be appreciated. I wish I had more time to prepare something, but I've only just learned that my projected pneumonectomy won't be until after the 10th of May. My friend calls Lung Cancer the "Red Headed Step Child of Cancers". We should all wear red wigs..... and shirts that say "Lung Cancer, the Number 1 Women's Cancer Killer" Any suggestions?

Fay A.

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My cousin is a sports writer for the LA times, Bill Plaschke. I dont talk to him much but maybe there is a way to give him a story.

Maybe something related to Barry Bonds dad - even though a lot of people dont like Barry Bonds.

Any other sports related stories?

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