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Experience with switching oncologists?


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Something that has been bugging me...my dad recently got a new oncologist, who he really enjoys. She is very sweet, smart and is not all doom and gloom. However, her attending oncologist who signs off on everything, might as well just tell my dad to throw in the towel now. He always reminds my dad that this probably won’t end well and gives absolutely no hope for him. So at last week’s appointment, my dad kindly asked that he sees a new attending onc who gives him a little more hope.

I understand not wanting to sugar coat this disease, but how is anyone supposed to have a fighting chance if their doctor doesn’t give them any hope? Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m hoping the new doctor is less harsh and gives us some hope and won’t give up on my dad. 

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I actually had the opposite situation, my husband's oncologist was all sunshine and roses, and quite frankly it made me crazy. Thankfully that oncologist left FCCC and we have a new one, who is realistic, straight forward, and cautious which I absolutely prefer. 

Yes SOME can live without progression for a while, but on the average ESCLC, is an aggressive horrible disease. And I need and want to be prepared. I have 3 children 2 of which are under 18, and I can't deal with blowing smoke up my.... well you get my drift :)

Hopefully this new one will be able to offer you the type of care you and your dad want. 


Best of luck to you and your family. 

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