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Gene just finished a course of WBR for two brain lesions. He is trying to catch up to you as far as survivorship goes. He will be reaching 4 years in the Fall. Right now, however, he has some major issues besides the brain lesions, and needs all the prayers he can get. If we lose Gene, that will be a tough one for me because we are very close. We have played a lot of golf together, been on TV together, been to dinners together, and have spoken together at several outings for lung cancer, besides last year's golf outing (which we played togther). I get choked up every time I see Gene because he is just like you, a true Lung Cancer Hero.

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I'm sorry to hear that Gene is having some major problems. Please know I will add him to my prayers. I know how hard it is to lose a good friend to lung cancer. I have lost MANY! :cry::cry: That's why everyone says to me, how do you run a support group and NOT get attached? WELL........... I get VERY ATTACHED and 99% of them are my dear and wonderful close friends and I love them very much. So, I know your pain as well my friend. Hang in there! Give Gene a hug from Minnesota Connie. I would LOVE for him to catch up to me! I would LOVE everyone on this journey to catch up to me and DAVID P. I never give up hope!

I know you don't either. Stay strong! I just had another dear friend celebrate 15 years of being a Lung Cancer Survivor on Feb 21, and he's a ONE LUNGER TOO!

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