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Anyone else whose lung cancer spread to adrenal glands

Sandy N

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While it's not confirmed, some blips showed up in my adrenal glands at my last scan, which was a week ago Monday, and I'd be totallyh willing to bet that they are NOT benign.  I was originally diagnosed with 3A a year ago and responded well (NED) to 6 weeks of chemoradiation.  Was happily NED for 6 months and then in August, a small blip showed up on my right gland, which they said they'd keep an eye on.  Had my next 3-month scan a week ago which showed that the blip grew slightly and also some of its relatives decided to take up residence in my left gland as well.  🤬  I will be getting scheduled for a biopsy and blood test (genes, etc.) hopefully for some time this week.  

Anyone else out there that has gone through this and, if so, what can I expect and how are you doing?

Also, I had completed 20 treatments of durvalumab which obviously had no effect on this.  Needless to say, I am no longer on that.  Makes me wonder if it was even the right direction to go in the first place.

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