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Snow Is For The Birds

Tom Galli

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Today's forecast: snow, in Texas! It is certainly cold enough for snow with noon temperature at my home hovering around 31-degrees. The wildlife sense the bad weather. Everything is mobbing my bird feeders: blue jay, sparrow, cardinal, junco, chickadee, tufted titmouse, and of course squirrels. The cardinals, blue jays, and squirrels have faced off a couple of times. The bad behavior is like the crush at the supermarket before a nasty storm. Fortunately, no need to ration the black sunflower seed on the menu. I filled the feeders early this morning and at the rate of consumption, I'll need to venture out for a second refill!

Also stirring the pot are my 2 cats who crouch just below the window sill chirping with feline anticipation. Occasionally, they forget the window and launch for a bird in the holly bush smacking their head against the blinds. The wildlife hears the racket and scatters but only for a couple of seconds. Nature tells me bad weather is on the way. In Texas, snow, go figure!

Snow is for the birds!

Stay the course.


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