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Hi   this is Tej Pradhan from India recently diagnosed with lung cancer stage 3. 

I am very much stressed and need moral support. How to deal with it?

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this is a group no body wants 2 b

in do U have a oncologist do U have 

a CT or PET scan do U have family 2

help U try & stay calm exercise a

little don’t sit all day eat your food

did Your Oncologist talk to U about

your treatment 

good luck

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Welcome Tej!

Now that you’ve found us, you might want to tells us your type of lung cancer and details on treatment planned or in process. This allows us with similar diagnosis to provide help and answer questions. 

Be mindful however, we are not physicians but share instead details of our individual treatment experience. 

Navigate to LUNGevity.org and read into our Lung Cancer 101 material. It is comprehensive but easily understood.

Stay the course. 



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