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Mum's treatment plan


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My mum has a meeting next Monday about her treatment in detail but she was told today that it's most likely to be three rounds of chemo every three weeks (2.5 months of treatment in total) which is less than we were expecting. We thought that she'd have six months or more of treatment. The recurrence they say is fairly small. I don't know if they continue the immunotherapy. There's no way to measure if it helped in any way. She was NED for a few months. The last PET scan wan beginning of August where there was a tiny speck which the doctors weren't sure if it was inflammation or remaining cancer cells. It must have been the remaining cancer cells.

Mum started immunotherapy in June so I'm not sure if it had much time to help. Mum had a CT scan in November which the doc said was clear but I've heard that's it's harder to spot cancer on CT scans. 

I really hope that the chemo does the trick. Has anyone else had just chemo to deal with a recurrence? My mum is stage 3 and the recurrence is in the original site. 

Feel very stressed and anxious about this recurrence especially as it was so soon and I thought that immunotherapy would help. My mum was on imfinzi. I don't know why they wont switch her to another immunotherapy like keytruda. 

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