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My dad is discharged from the hospital with  diagnosis of 10 cm lung mass by the hospital oncologist after doing bone scan, CT scan and lung needle biopsy. We are waiting for results which were sent to Mayo Clinic by them for second opinion. In the meantime, since discharge my dad is experiencing sob, wet cough however there is no help from the oncologist. After several trips to ER , the Er requested us to contact the hospital oncologist for support for SOB. 
The hospital oncologist has referred hospice care to us whose medications are morphine for SOb, Robinul for secretions. Who is supposed to be treating his lung ca symptoms such as wet cough, chest tightness? He is having really bad cough unable to sleep and sob for which we have him on oxygen however we are not ready for hospice medications.. why won’t the oncologist see him . His secretary says waiting for Mayo Clinic results. Who can provide some relief for him especially the cough.. ? Sorry for the rant again.. we are frustrated managing his symptoms at home. 

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If your dad is having secretions and cough, you should be using the meds he was given. Morphine will alleviate anxiety for SoB, and you've got to reduce those secretions. Using the hospice comfort care medications doesn't mean you're giving up, it means you are providing comfort, and that should be your current focus. 

I unfortunately have a great deal of recent experience with hospice and I think I'm going to add a post under the "Caregivers" section. 

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Judy M2,

There is no particular medication given by oncologist. It’s what hospice has given him. Hospice suggests Robinul and Morphine and keep talking about end of life when we want curative approach. We have given him Robinul for the wet cough he is having. Wondering what other lung CA patients are given for wet cough and chest tightness  and if the oncologist is involved even before the test results are in? 

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Understood. What I'm saying is to use the comfort medications for the time being. Even if your dad has currently engaged hospice, please know that he can terminate their services at any time and undergo treatment, if that is his wish and his (non-hospital) oncologist's recommendation. But the hospice nurse should be called to visit your dad if his symptoms are causing difficulties. Use their services while you wait. 

You need a consultation with an oncologist and pulmonologist who can review your dad's test results and discuss recommendations. Ask the hospital oncologist why he's recommending hospice without getting test results and second opinion back. Note that you can't receive both hospice care and treatment, it's one or the other.

I had a pulmonologist first, who performed a bronchoscopy to get tissue for a biopsy and biomarker testing. After those results came back (in about 2 weeks), I then saw a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist to develop my treatment plan. From diagnosis to start of treatments was about 5/6 weeks. I didn't have the symptoms your dad has, only SoB, for which I was prescribed an albutirol inhaler, and a dry cough, for which I was prescribed Robafen. So there is a built-in delay while test results are processed and reviewed, and the wait is terribly hard. 

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