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Possible Lobectomy after radiation?


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Good morning Lexie and Tom,

Here is my latest update. In the past couple of weeks, I went for second opinion with a local community group of medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. And the new oncologist told me I could be staged at stage 1a2 or stage 4 depends on if one or both nodules and pleural effusion confirmed positive for cancer.  Meanwhile, he ordered a liquid biopsy (Guardant 360) and the result as shown below. The test result was sent to me, but I still have to make appointment to see new oncologist to discuss what it means. Next week, I will go back to MD Anderson for biopsy of the second nodule 2.6cm in the lingula.

I called and ask questions but since I am still in diagnostic phase, they can not make any comments until all tests are completed. With all the up to date test results I have posted here, am I going down the right path? Am I missing anything that I should have done (additional tests, 2nd opinion, new specialists, etc...)? What is the Guardant 360 result means? I am anxious to find out. I have made appointment to see oncologist, but I won't be able to see him until Nov 8th. What else/more would you do if you are in my situation? Please help make suggestions.

Guardant 360.JPG

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I am sorry, I don't know much about interpreting the Guardant 360 test so I can't offer an answer.

But, you decision for a second opinion was a good one. I wish I could ease your mind to give you some comfort prior to your November 8th consultation, but I believe it best to get diagnostic details from a physician who has access to all your medical information. I'm not a physician. I do think you are on the right path getting a second opinion, a tissue biopsy on the 2.6 cm nodule, and taking the liquid biopsy. 

Stay the course.


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