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Blood Clots


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Hello all,

I am a patient at Dana Farber with stage IIIC adenocarcinoma with an EGFR mutation. I had 6 weeks of radiation and 3 rounds of chemo which ended on 7/29/21 and started on Tagrisso on 9/20/21.

I just got back from  a night at Brigham and  Womens hospital in Boston due to blood clots. They had me on Heparin in the hospital and prescribed me Eloquis to take for most likely a few months. 

The blood clot is near my chemo port. I have a CT scheduled for next week and I am very nervous about the clots and also the contrast fluid used for the CT.

Has anyone had any experience with blood clots?




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My cancer was found because I had blood clots in my legs, one very close to my femoral artery.  They also discovered a pulmonary embolism and the nodule in my right lung that led to my cancer diagnosis.  I was placed on Eloquis, but after 3 weeks they discovered a new pulmonary embolism in my left lung. My doctor was shocked that I had a break through embolism while on blood thinners,  I am now on Enoxoparin, a twice daily injection and have had no issues.





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