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Hilar Node size increase... Asking for thoughts

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My dad has been on Tag since about Oct 22... had some shrinkage and for the most part stable but his recent scans show the following:


1. LEFT hilar node is slightly larger than in September 2022 and considerably larger than in March 2022. Explanation is uncertain, but metastatic disease would be in the differential diagnosis. Recommend careful reevaluation on contrast enhanced CT in 3 months

10 mm minor diameter LEFT hilar node at slice location 148.22 was 8 mm on September 1, 2022 and 4 to 5 mm in March 2022.


Not sure what to think of this, we're all devastated with this being a possible sign of progression. The rest of his findings are all great, no new findings and all stable. Also, though it says this was spotted March 2022, it wasn't mentioned in prior reports of his scans. Just looking to see if anyone has dealt with a similar situation,what we may be looking at next?

Edit, the findings I posted is for one single hilar node.. I just copied the impression and finding but it's referring to same one


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Oh my!

It is a possible sign of progression. We can hope it is not and perhaps the next CT with contrast 3 months from now will reflect good news.

Many of us have dealt with progression. I've had 5 in my treatment history. If it is progression, perhaps a change in treatment is called for.

Stay the course.


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