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Brain mets


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I met with my fathers onc. last week (this was the one who saw him in the hospital, he never really had one since it moved so fast) and had a few questions regarding my Dad's case. He is the one who was dx on a Friday and was dead the next Friday from brain mets. Anyway, she was unable to tell me how long she thinks he might have had lung ca. I realize it is different with everyone, but there must be some idea of how long it generally take to mets to the brain? He had been treated for COPD, and had a clean chest film in Feb 2003. He was never on oxygen. She said she thought it was sclc since it was so aggresive, but he never had a chance for a biopsy. He had vision problems around New Years, and noone guessed it could be cancer. Just trying to make some kind of sense out of all this. It seems like such a bad dream.


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Janet, I can't begin to imagine your shock...I'm so sorry.

My mother had bronchitis and clean x-rays in Feb 2003, and then diagnosed in November with extensive sclc. It moves with deadly speed.

I think we narrowly avoided tragedy ourselves...the first onc. my mom saw thought she had pancreatic cancer, stage IV (which her eldest sister died of 10 years ago). Had the pulmonary dr. not pressed for a bronchoscopy which eventually led to the correct dx., she would not be here now.

I hope you will begin to find some peace.

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