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Refused Iressa by my insurance Co today


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Hi All

I have a question concerning Iressa and Insurance. Has anyone been denied payment?

I was given a prescription today for Iressa and was told that it was not covered under my insurance.

I have very good coverage and just can’t believe that I was refused. HELP.

I will be calling my doctor and insurance company in the morning, just thought maybe someone out here might be able to offer me a bit of guidance on this.

I refused Chemo today so I got the Iressa instead for a trial run (for me). Then I was refused.

Grumpy One Lung (e-mail at grump3980@comcast.net If you wish or on the board

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

You may still be able to get it. Some insurance companies require prior authorization before filling the prescription for Iressa.


http://www.iressa-us.com/content/patien ... age/r1.asp

"What is prior authorization?

Because IRESSA has not been available until recently, some insurance companies may require prior authorization. Prior authorization is the way a health insurance company makes sure that you really need IRESSA (that IRESSA is “medically necessary”) for your condition. If your insurance company requires prior authorization for IRESSA, you must get approval to receive IRESSA before you fill your prescription.

The best way to find out if your health plan requires prior authorization is to call your insurance company. Make sure you have your insurance card available. Be sure to ask the following questions when you make this important phone call:

* Does my health plan require prior authorization for IRESSA?

* What is the process for obtaining prior authorization?

* Is there a special phone number, fax number, or address to use for prior authorization?

* Exactly what information must accompany the request? (Sometimes your doctor must send a letter of medical necessity or may need to complete a special form)

If you need help understanding your insurance company’s prior authorization process, the AstraZeneca Cancer Support Network is ready to assist you at 1-866-99-AZCSN (1-866-992-9276)."


I'll also email this. Sorry I didn't see it sooner.


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