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Hospice Bridge program info ???


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Our onc. and hospital social worker has suggested we try this program for my husband. He has severe dementia from chemo poisioning, has been the hospital since last Monday when he fell down the cellar stairs thinking it was the bathroom door. He is suppose to be realeased this Monday.

It is suppose to combine the services of the VNA such as PT and OT which he has had since Nov. hospitaliztion for a month. But also the services of the Hospice social workers and nurses. They tell me this makes the transition into hospice much easier.

If anyone has any info or has had this program I would really appreciate just how it works before we have the meeting with them.


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Oh Debbie,

I am sorry I can't help you with any info on the bridge program, but I just had to tell you that you have had a very full plate.

I never heard of this chemo poisoning. It must be very difficult to see this happening to your husband.

I will remember you both in my prayers.


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