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Guest Jonathan

I have been doing alot of research on this disease, and have really seen continuous and solid demonstated evidence that CPT-11 and cisplatin are superior to cisplatin and etoposide (VP-16). My question is - why do i hear of so many oncologists still using the older regemin. This is not a study in isolation, but one that has been demonstrated better time and time again patients with extensive stage small cell. Now I am reading that they are getting awesome results in limited stage as would be expected. I am tired old conservative old fashioned oncologists who are not on the up and up! This is a deadly disease, and will continue to be deadly if we don't try new things! you know, the same thing happened with the twice daily radiation thing too. It took many (10) years for oncologists to finally accept that 2x daily was more effective than once daily radiation. Despite years of studies that said it was better. It seems oncologists at research hospitals adopt these new methods and use them much more readily than most other oncologists. I say if your going to treat cancer, you ought to be forced to research it to some degree, or at least research it's latest develpments and run clinical trials!

Also, here is a list of drugs I have heard to be used with some success in small cell (some of which you all have heard of)


etoposide (VP-16)

CPT-11 (Camptosar)

taxol (paclitaxol)

cytoxin (cyclophosphamide)

doxirubicin (adriamycin)


gemzar (gemcitibine)


Now some clinical trials...

G3139 (promising)

gleevec (new)

R (+) XK469 (new and promising)

ablation therapy (not sure how well it is working)

pease get back to me if you have any info concerning what I have written, or want to talk. Jonathan te11t@aol.com

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Yes. I agree. It seems like the evidence is that Irinotecan/Cisplatin works the best. I think it is because Japan has been using this successfully and maybe the american doctors don't trust the research outside of this country. Just a thought.

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