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When and if do you get a second opinion?


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My husband is just had two rounds of chemo and so far, so good...did anyone get a second opinion while things were going ok? How do you know if the chemo drug selection is the best option? Is it just based on success and when a drug fails, you try another one?

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I knew my Onc was following the current best treatment because I researched it! I question him on how and why as well.

You get a second opinion anytime you feel the need of one. It doesn't hurt to get one right from the start.

If you can give us some info, like what type and stage of lc, we can tell you what we experienced and/or point you in the right direction of research.

Sorry you have to be here, but welcome, were glad you came.



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When we asked our family doctor about a second opinion he told us that most oncologists expect it and it was a good idea. At least we felt better afterwards knowing that the 2nd doctor agreed with the treatment plan.

Can't hurt, and will ease your mind.


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My oncologist was recommended by family and friends...

The first time we sat in his office we were informed of the staging of the cancer and the protocol for treating it. My husband asked what HE (the doctor) would do and the doctor said he would look into trials given my age and good health...and HE lined up a second opinion for us with MD Anderson in Houston. I was not impressed with the second opinion as it gave us less in treatment options and referred us back to "Square One" in seeking trials...

My meetings with the doctor are Q&A sessions with What Ifs and What Does This Mean issues on my part and exams of lumps/bumps/pains on his part. He answers all my questions and makes sure I understand and for now, I'm comfortable with where I am. If I ever feel that my care is lacking, I will seek another opinion...

I guess it's all a personal issue...


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