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Things parents really say

gerbil runner

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Ok, I'll admit that as the parent of 3 boys, ages 12, 4 and just-turned-two today, some strange things get said in this house. Please feel free to add your own personal favorites.

Don't sit in the dog's food bowl.

Don't eat the dog's food.

You cannot eat a golf ball.

You can't go through the wall – quit running your trike into it.

That's not Daddy – let go of his leg.

Quit playing with the dog's tongue.

Is that corn in his nose? Yep – he did it again.

Don't pig-pile on the cat.

Drinking bath water is yucky.

I see you've been spitting out your grape juice again.

Quit torturing the jade plant.

Paper is not for eating.

Newspaper is not for shredding.

Please don't take the heat register apart again.

Don't lick the windows.

Pull up your underwear before you pull up your pants.

Mommy's folding laundry – please get out of the basket.

No blood? You're ok.

What the...here's the diaper and pants, where is he?

It's too quiet. What are they doing?

Hello...excuse me? Hmm?? What?? Sorry, I have kids, can you speak up?

I am NOT going to hang you upside-down again!

Sorry, no popsicles for breakfast.

EEWW...if you feed him that many olives, YOU change his diapers!

Trust me, your head will not fit through the cat flap.

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My niece was about 4 years old when we heard the cat give out a loud screech. Her dad asked what did you do to the cat? Her reply was "well he bit me". "What did you do to the cat?" was a phrase that was used often with her.

One that we had to use on my grandson was "Toothpaste is not for cleaning your butt :!: " Explaination upon request! :wink:

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