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  1. SandyS

    Roll Call...

    I'm here, I'm here! Only check in every couple of months, but saw this and figured I'd better post. Also replied to the meeting in Chicago - I'll be there! Just have to explain to beau (who wasn't around during my cancer days) just how important those people who held my hand in the middle of some horrible things and sleepness nights STILL are! If he doesn't "get it" - he can stay home! LOL! Life's good - daughters are now 17 and 23 - Princess (doggie) is the same as ever, full of love, happiness and enthusiam! Every one needs one! Hugs to all, Sandy
  2. LOL! Sorry Snowflake - nothing that exciting! Just work, family and "life"! Mom went into a nursing home in June due to advancing Parkinson's issues, so my clan (boyfriend and my youngest, 17, daughter) ended up moving into HER house (the house I grew up in - and came to live in while I was going thru my treatments four years ago - ick!), so we wouldn't have to sell it. It wasn't an emotionally easy move though. When I moved OUT of here years ago, it was my official "I'm actually going to live and can sign a year long lease" moment. My daughter wasn't too happy either. But we've done everything we can, decorating-wise to make it feel like OURs - and not the place we spent such a tough time in. My daughter practically has her own apartment in the basesment, where WE were - I've maybe been down there three times since June. Just gives me the willies! So between all THAT, mom's problems, work (insanely busy, but I love it) - oh, and Princess and the beau, I hardly have time to even sign on! Still having twice a year checkups with my onc - just saw him in October and have orders for a CT and mamogram that I still have to schedule. I'll try to stop in more often! SandyS
  3. Hi Guys! I know it's been a while since I poked my head in. I'm deeply saddened to see that Don and Carleen have both lost their loved ones - my hearts go out to you, and sorry I wasn't around sooner to help comfort you. To all - Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God watch over you, Hugs and prayers, SandyS
  4. SandyS

    Bad LC day

    Boy - I already have to go to a wake this afternoon for a friend who died of NSCLC on Monday (tried to get her on the board a year ago, but she wasn't interested) - and then I got the email about Jenny's services. Praying for all, SandyS
  5. Oh - I'm so very, very sorry to hear this news. May God be with you and her family in this difficult time. Hugs and prayers, SandyS
  6. Connie - Please let Fay know she has extra prayers coming from me! She was sooooooooo there for me when I had my surgery, Hugs and prayers, SandyS
  7. Devastating news........she was one special lady. Thanks for the shrimp, hugs and invites Rachael - we'll see each other again some day. Love and support to Stan and family... SandyS
  8. Does my little red motorcycle count as a convertible?!?!?! I think so! TPBM loves the ocean...
  9. Well dangit Don! ALL my positive energies and prayers going towards some EASY treatments for Lucie... Hugs and prayers, SandyS
  10. Go for it! When they sent me to the hospital for one, I cried the whole way there - I was terrified! Well hell, it was no big deal.....REALLY! And I DID feel better afterwards - I wouldn't say immediately, but the next day. Have NO idea what my numbers were at.... Good luck, SandyS
  11. Okay - I obviously stayed away TOO long this time - what's going on with Becky? SandyS
  12. Rachel - I've been thinking about you too.....where are you....? Hugs and prayers, SandyS
  13. TAnn - Sorry about the new bump in the road - but thank God for the scans available to us that caught this clot before it did something terrible. Have fun with those needles.........*shiver*! Hugs and prayers, SandyS
  14. Fay - You are one of the most amazing women I know - in so many ways. Trust me, God and I will be having a little chat tonight to see if I can send some of my good luck to you! Love, SandyS
  15. Fay - You are one of the most amazing women I know - in so many ways. Trust me, God and I will be having a little chat tonight to see if I can send some of my good luck to you! Love, SandyS
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