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Broccoli/broccoli sprouts

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From "Men's Health Magazine"

A recent sudy at the University of Illinois found that when you chew fresh broccoli, you rupture the pant's cells, realeasing a powerful cancer-fighting chemical called sulforaphane.

Raw broccoli contains low levels, but broccoli that has been lightly cooked (at approximately 140 degrees F) contains two or three times that sulforaphane. Not a fan of broccoli? Try broccoli sprouts instead. They contain the same cancer fighters.

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O yes brocoli is good for you . This is an old post

Hello. Yesterday I attended this all day conference. Happy to say it was emphasized over and over EARLY DETECTION I HOPE these Drs. will order tests particularly Ct or Pet scans esp. those in high risk.

Also it is proven that cruciferous vegetables contain Isothiocyanates for the prevention of lung cancer if taken in adequate doses.

These would be RAW watercress, chinese cabbage, garden cress, brocoli, certain fruits and grains and nuts

So every body lets eat a bowl of raw brocoli or such every day !! or at least until it comes in pill form.

Conference was very good since it was from 8 am to 4:30 too much for this small space.

go to http://www.cancerproject.org/medicine/i ... nates.html

for more info and recipes

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I love cooked brocolli - but raw. :? I have trouble eating raw vegetables because of dental problems. :( Well, at least that's my excuse. :lol:

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