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Looks Like Snow......

Fay A.

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Once upon a time (about 20 or so years ago and long before I bought this house) The Gas Company came around this neighborhood and told the residents something like "Hey...if you'll let us blow in insulation in your attics we'll pay you each a hundred bucks!"

WELL! Reduced heating bills and a hundred bucks and they did the work for free? So of course everyone said "yes!".

This past week my exterior walls came down.and there are no interior walls in the attic. Since the gable ends up my attic are now missing there is nothing to hold in the loose insulation...We had horrific high winds for the past few days, but especially yesterday.

From a distance it looks like snow! :)

Thank goodness it's just shredded newsprint.

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We decided to add a second floor to our house. The first thing that went wrong was we had half of the shingles torn off the roof. A short but powerful thunder storm came up. My Dad and I are on the roof with lighting striking all around and rain just pouring down holding down a tarp. Rochelle is placing bowls pans and anything that will collect water all through the living room. The result was our ceiling was fine until the heat came on in the fall. The ceiling started pealing paint and plaster.

We had the roof off and had started putting down flooring. I had asked Rochelle to get me my favorite beverage. Rochelle never had any remolding experience before this. She found it easier to walk between the floor joists than to walk on them. She handed me my beer and then found her self suspended by her arm pits over the kitchen stove. Boy did that leave two marks.

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