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Did anyone feel ill prior to treatment?


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I have not felt well for the last few weeks, but this also coincides w/ me finding out. My blood work is also messed up, high c reactive protien and few others. Is this the cancer or is this stress and depression. Just wondering if anyone actually felt "ill" in the beggining and if so, how did you feel.


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Hello jcwork!

I remember having a lot of trouble sleeping before I knew I had cancer. I lost some weight but didn't think too much of it. I didn't really know I was sick but before the needle biopsy I started having a throbbing pain in my chest. I never had much of a cough. I did feel a little shaky sometimes. Hope you'll do okay. I had surgery but I didn't take chemo or radiation.


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Guest makwa_04

I myself had a problem with lack of good sound sleep and backpain

or which prompted me to go to ER.

I ate what i call normal, at least for me.

Now it seems the mental part is whats getting worse. I guess its form the pain lack of sleep and all this hitting at once. And "wonderment"

Lately {last few days} Im trying to get as much rest as possible and not worry about it {almost impossible}

But with the new pills , keeps me in La-La land.


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I wasn't sick due to the cancer, I lucked out and had a case of pneumonia. How is that lucky? Well, the tumor showed up on a chest x-ray and began this WONDERFUL merry-go-round for me... Showed up even better on a CT that led me to a consult with a thoracic surgeon...

Led to a needle biopsy on Jan. 28 and the results that evening. Had my first ever anxiety attack two days later and began taking the "cocktail" of Xanax and Ambien every night. I worked another week and couldn't handle the stress of waiting for surgery to be scheduled and not knowing (and reading too much on the 'Net).

Mental battles are the hardest, pain can be worked through, but the brain is a horrible, horrible sadist...

Now, any time I'm sick, I run the entire course of tests - and have become a "hyperchondriac" at the urging of my doctor. I call and am seen when I have the sniffles...she fits me in when I call with urgencies like last month's "scare"... As Don Wood says, it's the "new normal" and it's still not "average" for me. I'm working into it...

Stay the course!


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Hi Jen,

yes I was sick for several months. I had pleurisy and pneumonia. I had a fever for over a month. There were times I would get out of the bed and would be ready to go back to bed within the hour. My appetite was horrible the smells of foods and perfumes would make me sick to my stomach. I lost all taste for food. I had to make myself eat. I didn't know if I was ever going to feel better. I can still remember the day I woke up and was feeling better. I told my husband you know it really feels good to feel good. So many people really take their health for granted. My doctors will fuss at me now because I don't complain about anything. They have to asked me a direct question before I tell them something is bothering me. I guess its because I remember what it really feels like to feel bad. SO YOU KEEP UP THE FIGHT! KEEP TELLING YOURSELF YOUR GOING TO BEAT THIS THING.

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