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Cindy Brown RN

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I am now 47 years old. At at the time of my diag I was 44. When I found this wonderful web site it was young. I think I was number 10 or 11 to sign in. Now it way over 1,000. Glad you are all here.

My story actually begins at age 18. I was married young to a sailor. At the age off 22 I started having children. 1978 my son -Paul, 1979 my daughter-Vicky. My hubby had trouble staying away from drinking, drugs and the girl in every port! I left him in 1985 and I was 3 mos pregnant with my last one-Samantha. I moved back to IL. I divorced in Aug 1986. These children were my WHOLE life and at 30 yr old I was starting all over. I went back to college in 1986 to get my nursing degree.

I met my soul mate in Nov. 1987 while I was in college, dated for 2 yrs and married in Nov 1989. My son gave me away and my girls were my bridesmaids. My son then also stood with my husband as his bestman. We were a family.

I graduated in the spring of 1990 and received my RN. I worked for several years in ICU/CCU then went to ER nursing. My favorite.

Since then we had so many plans. vacations to say the least, I love the ocean. I suppose it comes from living on the east coast while my first husband was in the navy.

Feb 2001 (I had no symptoms) I was diagnosed with sclc extensive R lung-mets to mediastinal area, lymph nodes and L adrenal gland. I went thru 9 mos of chemo. Then 1 yr of remission. In Feb 2003 it returned in the L lung the size of a baseball-again no symptoms. This time I did 6 weeks of radiation to that area and 6 mos of chemo. To top it off I fell and broke my R leg 1 week into the radiation. I had surgery and left the hospital 3 days later. I lived in a w/c for weeks, oh well I was pampered. It was really an ordeal. My house is a tri-level so I lived in the family room which ahad a bathroom and access to the outside all on one floor.

One thing I have learned is God has been there every step of the way.Just like the poem says, many times He carried me. I have learned-there is no place like home! I feel like Dorothy :D I am such a homebody now, I think of this as my safe place.

I am now 11 months since my last chemo. I have been battling this for 3 yrs and 6 mos. I was told I might have 6 mos to 1 year with treatment and here it is 2 and 1/2 yrs later. I can not work any longer but I am still here. I have trouble walking my precious pug-Roxy- around the block but I am still here. God willing I will be here in 2011. I asked God for 10 yrs. Sound goofy?? I figured I could help get my kids on the roads they need to be on by then to be on their own.

Thanks for this forum, I hope to get to know some of the others a little better.

Love all of you!


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I'm going to miss you friend.

Thank you for being here for me from day one....

Maybe now you and my daddy can meet in person.

My love and prayers to your family during this difficult time.

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