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"Beating Cancer With Nutrition" - too good to be t

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I'm devouring this book by Patrick Quillin. it makes perfect sense to me, but I'm wondering if it's just too good to be true. I'm following his advice, a ton more veggies, no sugar, etc. I'm just really confused on what kind of supplements I should be taking. Everything on the internet confuses me - one site says "do this, don't do this", another one says the opposite - sheesh, it's mind-boggling! Not to mention, the doctors don't believe in nutrition at helping at all. At least not with the cancer.

His survivor's stories are compelling in the book, though. Any opinions?


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Joyce, I have that book too - the revised edition. I believe in it but have trouble following it as I've always been a nervous eater & love junk food. I have read numerous books - first hand experiences of people who survived by following nutrition plans - even when told they had as little as 6 weeks to live. Most of their nutritional plans were somewhat different but the basics of what they ate and what they avoided are very similar to what Patrick advocates.

A couple more books that might interest you:

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm with David Frahm

Recovery from Cancer, Elaine Nussbaum

Cancer Diagnosis - What to Do Next - An Alternative Medicine Guide by Diamond, Cowden, Goldberg (this one though has some confusing info & advocates alternatives that have caused patients problems like Laetrile & Hydrazine Sulfate)

I believe nutrition can make a difference. I believe excellent nutrition can lead towards a 'cure'. Meditation makes a difference. Creative Imagery makes a difference. Herbs and vitamins make a difference (be careful here - research them thoroughly as some can have adverse side effects)

Exercise can make a difference.

I also read Gerson Therapy and Macrobiotics - original book - both are good but I think Patrick's book is the best because it's easier to follow and gives what seems to be the basic guidelines toward curative nutrition (what foods to avoid - what foods are anti-oxidants, etc.)

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I too have read Beating Cancer w/ Nutrition backwards and forwards. I've had the discussion with several people as to whether the "sugar theory" is valid. My view on it is this: It may have some validity....or it may not......but is it hurting me in any way to cut sugar out of my diet? Of course not! If there is a SHRED of evidence proving that cancer may somehow feed off of sugar, why would I NOT want to cut all refined sugar out of my diet?

I altered my diet the week I found out I was diagnosed. My first purchase was "What to Eat If You Have Cancer" and my second purchase was "Beating Cancer With Nutrition". I changed everything about the way I eat and haven't looked back since!!!

I agree that it can be very confusing, and I go with a "common thread theory" -- If I read the same thing in several places, it must have a strain of validity to it! I have several great cookbooks with all natural recipes and natural sweeteners (made w/ brown rice) that don't hit your system the way refined sugars do. (Christina Pirello is a great whole foods cook who follows a modified macrobiotic diet and recovered without medical treatment from leukemia--her cookbooks are great!) Send me a PM if you would like more info!

My radiation oncologist was not helpful in the nutrition arena AT ALL. I asked him what to eat during radiation to keep my strength up and he told me to eat cake if it would keep up my weight. That was when I realized I had to be my own health advocate!!!!!

Does your hospital have a nutritionist on staff? Mine did and she gave me some useful information in the beginning -- and she also told me that they don't know everything that nutrition can do regarding cancer, but the more studies that come out, the more they realized there is a connection.

Hope this was helpful,


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