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just an update on my dad-and questions for you


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He has just finished his 5th round of chemo. He started having a lot of pain in his hip joint down his right leg, so the doctor ordered a CT of his torso. So we called yesterday to get the results and the toumors in his lower spine, lung and bronchial tube have shrunk slightly. But they now see new tumors in his upper back and sternum. I was so flustered from hearing this that I forgot to ask about his leg. He goes in Wednesday for his 6th round of chemo and I guess they will give us more info then. I swear you practically have to be rude to get any helpful info from them. My question for you wonderful people is...Does this mean the chemo isn't helping? The way I understand i,t Radiation shrinks the tumor and Chemo keeps the cancer from spreading. And if that is true, do you think they will stop the chemo? He did have 30 days of radiation to his spine and lung, but that was over about 2 mths ago. Any info you can give would be helpful

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Don't wait for Wed, call them back and say "I was so flustered I forgot to ask about ...." You don't have to be rude, but assertiveness is important when dealing with small cell lung cancer.

In answer to your chemo question, I have never had radiation only chemo and it made my tumors dissapear. Both work to kill tumors, but radiation is area specific while chemo is a whole body treatment.

What chemo is he on?

Good luck and Blessings


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I agree with Betty's excellent advice. With medical systems, you have to be an advocate and push for what you want --answers, treatments, etc. It is a team effort these days between the medical system and the patient's system. It takes activity from both sides. If you can't get what you need, move on to someone who will. Let us know how things are going. Don

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