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Until recently, placeboes were not used in cancer trials for ethical reasons; however, that practice is changing, based on information in an article that Cary posted today. In consult with Cary, I am pasting a link to that article here.

I think this is too important an issue to just leave alone.

What I am hoping for is that, we as a group, as well as each of us as individuals, come up with a position statement on this.

I have some experience in facilitation and I would be happy to set a chat time, announce it to the board, and take notes ....

I could then draft a statement and again meet with those who wish, to revise it. Facilitation and consensus on-line, while somewhat more difficult, is possible.

After the statement is agreed on, we could send it to the LCSC Board for approval/change. If LCSC decides not to put their name to the statement, we could still send the statement out with only individual names on as signatures. We would then send it to the proper government agencies and our representatives as well as to other funding organizations

If someone would like to work with me on this, pls PM me. If I am out of line on even suggesting something like this, also PM me and tell me so.

I would like to do what I can as far as activism, as sometimes I know that posting here is like preaching to the choir. It feels good, but what does it really do. I will do what I can to begin to take the message(s) from the board to the public.

I have some experience in this and would be more than happy to put what skills and connections I have to use.

There is strength in numbers, so let's put our 1200 plus voices to aid in the battle for ethical, compassionate and proactive care for lc patients. This seems to me what I hear being said on the board, each day, in one way or the other.


This is an important topic/discussion. Thanks, Cary for finding and posting this.

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