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Outraged! What is going on?


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I'm still on my trip but try to keep up with all of the news here and about everyone else. I just get so outraged and upset at some of the things that go on every day. I wish I had a way to change things. God what is it that makes people forget that everyone is human and deserves a chance?

Some of the stories I read here show me that many have had some of the same treatment that Johnny had that led to his death. Who gave doctors or anyone else the right to decide who should live and who should die and when? It really rubs me the wrong way when I see or hear about some of the things that are done to people with cancer but I have learned it is just not them but anyone who may be older or seem to require more of the medical field than just routine things that they can handle without putting to much time into them.

As all of you know Johnny's brother has brain problems left from a major heartattack in 1990. Thank God that under Pam's care he has improved greatly. Now his wife has a lot of health problems. Seems that when it rains it pours as they say. She had a blood clot in her leg and they did nothing to prevent it from traveling and it went to her lung. She was sent home with daily shots. The other night she was in terrible pain so went back to the hospital. Once there without even looking at her records to see that she had just taken pain meds they gave her a shot of delaudid. Her daughter had just stepped out long enough to go to the bathroom. When she got back to her mom she was going into a coma and acting very strange. Her family was told that she was dying.

Her daughter refused to accept that and demanded another doctor. That is when they learned that she had been overdosed! That doctor treated her for overdose and she pulled out of it. Needless to say it has left the family (encluding me) very frightened and distrustful. The first doctor had the nerve to pull the daughter aside after it was over and tell her that she had to face the fact that her mom would die some day. Her answer to him was "I know that but it will not be tonight and it will not be because of something that you have done". Thank God that because of what happened to Johnny they are more watchful. If not she would be dead by now.

I just can't help but wonder what kind of society we live in when things like this are allowed and the ones responsible never have to be held accountable. I also wonder how many die at their hands like Johnny did and no one even realizes it. So once again I say this goes to show you to always be alert and NEVER take it for granted that all doctors want to save lives. Not only can their actions kill but they can make a person go through hell in the process. I know I was there and it still haunts me every day a year and a half later. Please everyone be aware and don't let this keep happening. I am just so outraged because I see this and no one will do anything to stop it. Lillian

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What is it with dilaudid, everytime I hear about someone that has been given dilaudid something not good comes from it..My dad passed a couple of days after he was given dilaudid, actually he ended up in ICU the next morning after they poisoned him with it...I know Lily, its crazy what can actually happen..

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Well, blankety blankety blankety blank. :evil::x

When I read your story the other day, I was so outraged, I couldn't respond. I was trembling with anger and tears. Now this.

We all have to work to stop this. It will not stop until we do something. I'll be darned if I'm going to let others go through what I've been through and what I've been through is nothing compared to others.

Patient's lives - their right to live - should not be decided on whether their care will be too expensive, whether the God doctors decided they're illness is too difficult to cure or treat or whether the patients haven't smiled properly at the hospital personnel. :x:x:cry::cry::evil::evil:

I applaud all those caregivers who have themselves been victimized in our twisted medical system and yet go on to help stop this horror.

I hope that when I can no longer fight for myself, someone will fight for me.


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you can read a condensed version of my story in the "my story"forum under the title "Love,hope and heartache. Believe me I have worked hard to educate myself sense Johnny's death and will never stop telling our story. I hope that someday it gets back to the ones responsible for his death. If there is any justice in this world they will some day know that everyone who looks at them will know what they did so they can't get their dirty hands on anyone else. It is my goal and lifes work to see that happen.

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