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I know I've been a lurker since my husband passed way in Nov 2002 and I haven't posted in a very, very long time. But I keep up with everyone and I was very sad to see that our beloved moderators were getting hate mails because the site was down for alittle while. I hope whoever sent those e-mails realize that this site is no place for hate and impatience. I also want to send a note on the eve of my late husbands diagnosis that I pray each and every day for all of you and your families with much love and affection. Keep up the fight everyday those of you who have to fight this battle and those helping loved ones.. patience, love and bravery will find you every day. Thank you for being a voice to me in my battle to recover. Your strength is my strength. I pray for a cure every waking second. Much Love!!

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Kim, how sweet of you to stick around when you don't need to. This sort of encouragement is priceless, please know that.

and yes, I can't imagine sending hate mail to someone providing a free, service to people when it is costing them hundred of dollars out of their own pockets. That's just hard to imagne.

Thank you for your kind note, and I hope that your life is continuing well without your dear husband.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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