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Mom's not doing Well


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Hello everyone,

Mom is not doing real good this week. Yesterday my Dad had to bring her down to the onc because she was having such severe nausea and has not eat anything for a few days. The onc is not sure what is going on so her gave her some fluids and IV nausea drug which are not helping. She also is taking nausea meds at home. Over the last few weeks she has grown increasingly more weak and is now using her oxygen 24 hours a day again. Her last chemo treatment was six weeks ago and her scan was good right after that. It has been four weeks since her last scan and her onc wanted to keep a eye on her liver mets ( her lung mass was gone but liver mets had shrunk 50%). She will not get the results of her scan until next week on Wednesday. I'm afraid something is going on. She still is getting the shots for her RBC's and her last blood work done yesterday was good. I don't understand why she is getting sick now when she did not have one bit of nausea when she was on Chemo. Dad says she also has periods of hot flashes where she will just sweat for a while and then she is cold. Has anyone had any similar experiences.

Thanks for listening,

Susan M.

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Hello... so sorry to hear that your Mom is not feeling well. My Mom had something similar to this. Her breathing was "okay" but she got deathly ill.. I have no idea why.. doctors had no clue either.

Some say there is a myth with SCLC that it throws off toxins as the body rids it self of the cancer. ????? My Mom eventually started feeling better on her own. But it took a good month. Our doctor even suggested "Brain Mets".. thank God not the case...

I would check her for infection, dehydration, blood cots... etc..

We just prayed and it went away...??????? :shock::D

I just chalked it up to "chemo overload" but still wonder...


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