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New drug "Onclomax"?


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On the news tonight there was brief mention of a new drug (and I'm only guessing at the spelling) called "Onclomax" which is showing really good results in treating breast and liver cancer. I'm hoping with further testing they will find it works well for other cancers. Has anyone heard of it or might know what I'm talking about?


Diagnosed Stage 4 nsclc Sept. 2003

Brain lesions June 2004

To begin Taxotere July 9, 2004

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I found this article for Oncomax:


It sounds very promising.


Experimental Cancer Treatment

Jun 10, 2004 4:00 pm US/Eastern

PHILADELPHIA (KYW) Scientists are developing a revolutionary new way of treating cancer. As Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl explains, the new method uses the patient’s own immune system.

It is estimated that half a million Americans will die from Cancer this year alone. Current treatments are working but aside from killing cancer cells, healthy surrounding tissue is harmed as well.

But now, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation might have a new option with a new drug called “Oncomax,” which destroys cancer cells and keeps them away for good.

Krisztina Zsebo and her colleagues believe they have found a way to wake up the immune systems of cancer patients, which typically shuts down: “There's a revolution going on in the way we're attacking cancer using your body's own immune system to actually kill the tumor cells.”

In a recent animal study, “Oncomax” cure rates show 90-percent or better for breast, lymphoma, melanoma and liver cancers with few, if any, side effects.

“It is essentially a vaccination like effect which teaches the immune system to recognize and kill the cancer forever,” Zsebo said.

“Oncomax” works at the molecular level, with scientists combining two proteins.

One protein seeks out a cancer cell and latches on to it while the other protein guides the body’s immune cells to the tumor where they work to destroy it.

“The cure rate is very phenomenal. Immune cells circulate and if new cancer cells appear, they've already been taught to recognize, attack and kill them,” Zsebo added.

According to researchers, just one treatment with “Oncomax” was usually enough to stop deadly cancer from returning in animals. This is important because most cancer deaths in humans result when the disease re-occurs, something “Oncomax” looks like it will prevent.

Stahl reports that human testing is expected within two years.

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