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My mom just finished 2nd round of chemo. When visiting with her onc the other day I asked if she would be doing PCI, he said "no, because of the amount of mets she has" (she has mets to liver, bones and possibly lymph nodes).

Anyhow, my questions are:

1. Why wouldn't we be doing PCI?

2. When is PCI usually performed on a patient?

3. Is there a max amt of times it can be performed before there is some kind of brain damage as a result?

Thanks again for any responses. :)


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Guest Jonathan2

PCI is usually done when a patient with SCLC has gone into remission. I have heard of it being done on limited and extensive staged patients, after proof of a complete remison evident. PCI is preventative radiation to the brain while a patient is in remission, in an event to try and stop the possibility of a recurrence in the brain. ( a very common place for relapse) So the reason it is not an option at this time for your mom, is probably because she is not in remission, so they will not consider it.

Best hopes for a cure,


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