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Experts Said NO ! To Chemo / RAD Combo


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The medical oncologist said No !

The radiation oncologist said No ! ( due to Gemzar )

The neurosurgeon wasn't sure and deferred to the radiation oncologist.

Therefore, the wife stays the course ( chemo only ) till a re-evaluation in late Sept. ( or if hip pain worsens )

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If your wife is not comfortable with this recommendation perhaps she would consider a consult with a different medical and radiation oncologist?

I see that you are in Southern California...may I ask where your wife is being treated? There are several of us who have had treatment(s) at various places in so ca. We might be able to provide you with names of docs and facilities in your area.

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Thanks for the replies. BTW, Fay A., we are in Orange County. After speaking with the 3 doctors my wife and I feel comfortable postponing the radiation FOR NOW. Reasons mentioned by these doctors for not recommending chemo / RAD combo in her case included Gemzar, her general health condition and the impact of chemo plus radiating a large area ( pelvis ) and simply not wanting to radiate that area until absolutely necessary ( since it can only be done once ). Thanks again.

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