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Is Frequent Yawning A Symptom ?


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The medical literature states that yawning can be a symptom of lung cancer and brain tumors ( my wife has both ). But, this is going to be a tough symptom to monitor and quantify since there are other non-cancer causes. My wife started yawning at the same time that her sputum worsened. Time will tell if this is a coincidence or a meaningful new symptom.

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I yawn ALL the time (I hate it!!!). I feel so rude.

I recently had to have a chest X-ray (beacuse one of my students had been in school for a week with active TB)--and I did not show any signs of either TB or LC.


But interesting to see others' responses.


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8/16/04 Update :

Medical oncologist was informed this morning about the recent increase in yawning. He states that this suggests brain tumor activity. CT scan of head ordered to be done following next week's chemo plus referral to her neurosurgeon. Same old story ... More waiting and worrying.

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