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Hearing Loss

Frank Lamb

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Guy took his wife to the doctor for her annual physical. After she was done the doctor came out. Guy talked to the doctor and mentioned that he thought his wife was losing her hearing. Doctor gave him suggestions to test this condition. He said "When you go home, go in the farthest room in the house and ask her a question. If she answers, her hearing is OK" They went home. Guy went in the living room and asked, "Hey, what'for dinner?" No answer. He went into the bedroom and asked, "Hey, what's for dinner?" Still no answer. Next he went into the family room and asked, "What's for dinner?" Still no answer. Finally he went into the dining room and asked, "What's for dinner?" His wife answered him, "I told you four times...Chicken."

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I just had to print this one out and show it to my hubby.

Between his long standing hearing loss (combo of way too loud music and 20 yrs of working with jackhammers, etc.) and my hearing loss from the chemo.....our conversations now consist of "huh?" "what?" "huh?"!!

Drives me nuts, by the kids think it's a howl!

thanks, Mary :)

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