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It all came around so quicky..

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It was July twenty eighth, just a little over a month ago. I recieved the news that my grandfather has cancer. Not only was it lung cancer, but colon too. That night I started crying uncontrollably. The words my mother spoke gave a big blow into my heart. Never is it pleasant to know a loved one is so close to you, and now they have to start the process of a battle. It marked the day we started the rollercoaster ride, dipping into the highs and lows of the ride. Keeping hope and pray to the Lord is all we can do. He was entered into a hospital in downtown Baltimore, which has too many medical buildings to name. They started preforming a series of test, which lead to answers that would make us smile or cause tears to form in our eyes. We were thankful for a good family friend, and also under the profession of a doctor. He insisted on house calls, which saved the trip for my grandparents to drive up to his practice. Within every minute, second and hour, everything started whirling downhill. There was going to be any return to get rocketed back up where we wanted the situation to be. One week, in mid August, he had a scheduled appointment to get a small percentage of a chemo treatment. That was all we had to rely on. No other treatment was an option, especially for the fact that he has many other health problems off to the side. That particular day didn't do too well. Instead of having a positive affect on his health, it turned into a negative one. They were puzzled at the results, but just let it at the thought that maybe it was a reaction to having it done for the first time. He got sent home, acknowledged to come back soon to try another round of it. I decided to go down and visit. I spent some time with my grandfather and grandmother, doing anything to give an extra set of hands and to give them a rest. He was feeling quite well. Had a hunger level and wasn't exhausted for once. After I departed home, it got worse. He's been in the hospital ever since. They gave another dose of chemo treatment again. It was history repeating itself. His doctor decided to run a CAT scan, which pointed them into the direction of making a discovery. What was causing all of this trouble? A rare form of cancer. It is at its peak, taking control by sitting in the driver's seat. To get even more chemo was not an option. He would feel too poor.

Today I have discovered that he does not have too much longer on this earth. Maybe four to six weeks possibly. With the condition he is in, we predict it may be earlier that expected. Who knows. Maybe he can outbeat it. That is a slim chance indeed though. My grandfather is too weak. I am at loss of words what to say. Growing up, I grew fond of him. He would listen to my wildest dreams and down to the little things that worried me so much. To lose him is to lose part of myself. All my other relatives passed away when I was at a younger age. Of course, I had no understanding what death was and what was going on. I feel like this is going to be too much to handle, for I have cried myself to sleep too many times to count already. How does everyone else move on in life? I wonder about that. I am not sure what to do anymore, or how to cope with this.


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I e-mailed Laura today, and got the following response:

"Thank you for your e-mail. I am very pleased I came across LCSC site that one night. It's good to know there are other people out there who understand my situation. The many people around me show sympathy, but they truely don't understand. My grandfather, Tom, passed away on September tenth. He was not too far away from his seventy fifth birthday. I headed out with my family to Baltimore for his viewing and funeral service that weekend. It was nice to see how many people how came to the viewing. He was a talker, that's for sure. No wonder why he had so many friends. My grandmother is taking it the hardest. Coming home to a empty house is difficult for her. Sorting through all his belongings is hard for me. I am getting along okay, but it feels like half of me is missing. Thanks again for showing your support. I appreciate it. You may post an update if you'd like. I will try to be in contact on the boards soon. "

May her grandfather rest in peace.


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