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Just want to follow-up on Targretin, which I am on along with Tarceva in a clinical trial. Targretin is an oral capsule and is approved for T-cell lymphoma but has shown "activity" in nsclc. Its main side effects for me are high cholesterol and low thyroid, both easily treated. It's been combined in some studies with traditional chemo. It may have synergistic activity when combined with other drugs against lung ca.

I think the study I'm in is the only one combining it with an EGFR inhibitor, though I heard there may be a study combining it with Iressa in California (Stanford?). I'm doing well so far (9 months) but don't know if the Targretin is helping or whether Tarceva (or Iressa) alone might have done the same thing. Wishing us all well, Matt

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