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Starting navilbean next week - anyone on that?


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Hi Everyone,

I am starting Taxol/Navilbean combo next week. I was on Taxol/Carboplatin this whole time and had a bad allergic reaction to the Carbo (that is cumulative, over time as it builds up in your body I guess you develop an allergy to it, or some do). My doctor gave me Taxol/Cisplatin the next week and the Cisplatin made me deathly ill - I will not take that again. I have just been taking Taxol the last couple of weeks to let my body heal from the Cisplatin illness. I would like to know if anyone has had Navilbean and what side effects they experienced. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Everyone have a great Weekend!


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Lucie has just completed 6 of 8 treatments with Navelbine. She had constipation at first but has some meds (Kristalose and Senecor) that have straightened that out. It also gave her sweats, so she is on Effexor, which helps a lot. She initially had acid reflux (gave her Nexium), but that soon subsided. The main side effect has been fatigue. She gets worn out easily. For instance, if she gets dressed, she has to rest about 10 min. before tackling anything else, even going out. nevertheless, it has been much milder than the Taxotere/Carboplatin she took last year. Good luck. Don

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Mike was put on Navelbine just two weeks ago. He is taking it alone. His onc . is putting him on it at this time because it is known to be a little milder. He had recently been through quite a bit with Taxotere and then radiation and he was still suffering burning from the radiation. He's giving him a chance to recoup a bit. So far he is doing rather well with it. He seems to have a lot more energy than before. Our best to you.


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Hi Carrie,

I just completed 5 of 8 rounds of (only) navelbine. My doctor also said it was mild compared to others. Does not take long for the actual chemo itself, only about 5 (they push it thru) minutes. Also give some fluids with it and decodron (used for nausea) and to protect the site. The whole process tales about 30 minutes if that. So fas no side effects to speak of other then fatigue. Hope this helps. My thoughts and prayers are with you for the best of results. Peace, take care and God Bless.


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