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Greeting Cards Oriented Towards The Male Buyer


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Greeting Cards Oriented Towards The Male Buyer

A survey has found that about 90% of all Hallmark greeting cards are purchased by women. In order to attract more males to buy and exchange greeting cards, the following are some greeting card suggestions created to attract more male buyers:

Cover picture: Dim, misty, moody picture of a vase of roses.

Cover caption: Condolences

Inside caption: ...on the loss of your remote control.

Cover picture: Nostalgic picture of a young couple strolling through a field holding hands.

Cover caption: Darling, as we go into our 10th year together...

Inside caption: I swear I'll leave my wife soon!

Cover picture: Gold-leafed picture of a vase of red roses.

Cover caption: Get well soon, darling!

Inside caption: This house doesn't clean itself!

Cover picture: Dark moody picture of a vase of roses.

Cover caption: In sympathy, I'm sorry to hear the news...

Inside caption: That you've been beaten senseless again in another bar fight.

Cover picture: Norman Rockwell-ish painting of a young girl picking daisies.

Cover caption: To the daughter that I love...

Inside caption: No daughter of mine is leaving this house dressed like a slut!

Cover picture: Misty photo of a couple embracing and kissing.

Cover caption: To my wonderful wife...I know we've had a little disagreement

Inside caption: But please don't cut off my sex organ as I sleep tonight!

Cover picture: Photo of two men shaking hands.

Cover caption: Congratulations and the best of luck!

Inside caption: To the installation of your new hair plugs!

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