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Work, fire and huricains


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I haven't posted for a while. I have been kept pretty busy. You all know about the fire. That was very frightening and left me pretty nervous for a while. Things are starting to quiet down a little now. We still have some cleanup work going on but it is not as major as it was. Most cutting down burnt trees that didn't burn all the way to the ground and getting rid of the mess so people can start to rebuild.

I'm still working my part time job 5 days a week and meeting my obligations to keep applying for other jobs. The caregiving job has still not come through with a client for me. Being a new business it is taking a while to get it going. I'm hoping to hear that I have that work any day. I plan to do both for a while until the caregiving job builds to enough to make a living.

I have spent the last three weeks watching huricains. Like the rest of you I was worried about all of our Florida friends. I haven't heard from Ann for a few days now. I think she may be saving her generator fuel to run her house. From what I understand gas is still hard to come by there. I am hoping they will have electricity soon and we can corrispond again.

Now I have a major worry. From all accounts Southeast Louisiana will get hit pretty hard. I am in contact with my kids and they are all aware of the danger. My daughter and her family left this morning. They are in Texas for the duration of the storm. My boys and my ex are all packed and ready to leave first thing in the morning. I would feel much better if they had already left. They live about 65 miles southwest of New Orleans by highway but only about 30 miles as the crow flies. A major huricain like this one will devistate the whole area. All highways are opened just leading away from the area. Interstates 10, 12 and 55 are all opened going one way either west or north. The other major highway US 90 is opened going west. As you might imagine all of them were gridlocked all day today. I am hoping that my boys get out of there quickly in the morning before the weather starts to get too bad. Most of my ex's family is staying. He may be my ex but I still think of his family as mine. I worry about all of them especially his 82 year old dad and 86 year old aunt. Please pray that they all come through this alright.

I worry about everyone in the path of this monster storm but my children and grandchildren are my first priority. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I am very afraid they will take a very heavy loss of property but as long as they are safe I will be relieved. I love the beautiful beaches in Pensecola. For many years they were my home away from home. I saw them devistated by Opal in 1995 and George in 1998. I'm afraid that when this one is over it will make those look like afternoon thunderstorms.

So now you see why I have been absent. I was very upset to hear about Bob Mc and some of the others. I worry about Dean Carl and Kieth as well as many others. I want you to all know that you are in my thoughts and prayers even tho I haven't been here as much as I was. I do hope that Carleen and Kieth are not in New Orleans right now. Let me know if anyone hears from them.

My best to all of you. Lillian

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Lillian, I will be praying the God keeps your family safe during this storm. I finally have power again, as of yesterday and am back to work today for the first time, as there was no power there either. These storms are really bad this year and from what I hear, this will be the trend for a few years to come. Take deep breaths....we're all praying for you and yours!

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As of 9:30 central time my oldest son has decided to stay. They are convenced they are safe there. I can't believe they are doing that and I am terrified. It looks right now like it may be going north toward Mobile. I don't want to wish this on any one but God I'm scared for my family. Please say an extra prayer. Lillian

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