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Checking Out

Amy P

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Hello All -

I will be checking out for awhile. I have got to get my life in some semblance (is that even a word :lol: ) of order. I feel as if the roof is caving in and the water is rising :shock: and realize I probably need to step back and get a handle on things before they spin too far out of control.

I will continue to think about and pray for all of you. When I get back hold on, because I will be stock piling jokes. I will check in periodically to see how everyone is doing - so all of you take care of yourselves and until I get the house in order - I send you all Much Love!!!!


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Ha ... Hey guys here is our chance to pull out September. Wtih Amy gone for a while we are bound to gain on the Just For Laughs.

I just thought though, she most likely be back before the end of the month with a whole pile of jokes.

Amy you had better get a hall pass... major fines without one.

Take care Amy. You have my best wishes getting your life inorder.

Have mercy on us men when you came back.


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Amy,Praying that your find what your looking for in record time and hurry back here.I think it says somewhere that if you take a break away from the board to get your life in semblance (??).that when you return all your jokes contributed will go to the guys score.But that is ok we will take them.HOPE YOUR BACK SOON.

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