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5K/10K Run/Walk in Folsom, CA, Sunday, Sept 18th


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KitKath and I are doing this event for the Gail P. Ramos Lung Cancer Foundation this Sunday morning in Folsom, California. Anyone in the Sacramento area want to join us? Katie B. if I can get my material together in time, I'll see if I can bring info for LCSC. If any of you want to join us, please pm me!


Here's some info about the event that was just emailed to me...

Step For Survival Participants:

Just another friendly reminder about our event coming up this Sunday. We hope that your fundraising is going well - don't forget, we have prizes for you depending on how much money you raise, so please keep those donations coming! You can download the form from our homepage at www.ramosfoundation.org!

Please let your friends and family know about the event. Online registration (which makes things really easy for us) will be available until this Friday - after that, folks will need to pay the higher registration fee on the day of the event.

Please note that parking at the site will be limited. Once the lot is full, we will be directing people to park outside of Rodeo Park, so please arrive early to get a spot close to the registration area.

And don't forget to take advantage of the following services available at the site:

* Starbucks will be providing complimentary coffee in the morning

* Jamba Juice will be selling smoothies once you return from your walk/run, with a portion of the sale proceeds going to the fight against lung cancer

* COMPLIMENTARY massages will be provided to the participants of the event by the staff from HC Bodyworks (gotta make sure you are nice and limber for your walk/run!)

* Music will be provided by Steve Logoteta and Pat Rainey

* Refreshments and soft drinks will be available

* A few prizes will be given away randomly to partcipants once you return

Most of all, we want you to have a good time! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Please call us at 707-864-2627 if you have any questions.

Thanks again for your participation!

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