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Liquid Oxygen Continual Use-small avail?

Guest DeeHee

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I'm now on an oxygen tank I haul around on a cart, 24/7. This holds about 6 hrs, 2 liter setting. Does anyone know of anything smaller that I could lift & carry easier? Only smaller one they showed me made a noise with each breath......and drove me crazy!


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I am on liquid oxygen during the day for convenience, I tried the Helios type twice and neither was dependable, tended to freeze uo early on but others have had good luck with it. I don't think it makes a noise. Now I have "Spirit" which is much more dependable (for me) but doesn't last as long as the Helios. Each weighs about 7# and I wear it like a fanny pack. The Helios was supposed to last up to 10 hours at 2 while the Spirit says 3.5-7. I usually get about 4 hours but that depends on how frequently and deeply you breathe.

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