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Re: How to stop Worrying


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I have been battling that demon of "worry" myself. I think everyone on this board will agree that "worrying is normal!" Knowing that our feelngs are normal does help some....but how do we stop the worrying and make ourselves feel better? I wish that I could make everybody's cancer go away, but we would still be stuck with "worry" wouildn't we. I myself am one of the biggest "what if'ers on the planet!!" So, as one "worry wart to another" I would like to share with you some things that may help:

* Find outlets for life's frustrations (prayer, meditation, walks, any activity that is fun or relaxing)

*Believe it or not "Denial" is permissible. Let Hope dominate your emotions, yet prepare for the worst.

* Seek "Control", but try not to control future events. Let go of the past and quit trying to "fix" everything.

*Seek information, but if the news is far worse than you want to know, DON"T READ IT OR LISTEN TO IT!

* Get support - this group has been a God Send for Jack and I!

Kathy, I don't know if I have helped you at all, but know that we all share in your "worries." I am counselor, and have noticed something in working with children. Children actually cope with serious illness better than we do as adults? Why? They don't worry about the future and live for today, nor do they have all these preconceived notions about prognoses and statistics.

It also helps me to set a time to worry that day, instead of worrying all day long. For instance, I'll worry all I can within an appointed time frame. After that time period is over, I stay buisy and preocupy myself with other activities. Try not to let the worry consume you. Take a break from cancer and do something non-cancer related. Make time for your self. May God watch over you and Tim!


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A close friend once told me how to handle "WORRY". She said to take 10 minutes and worry all I want to..then visualize the word "worry" in small letters and to visualize myself picking up the word and placing it in a small box...then to visualize myself closing the lid and wrapping it in bright paper with a bow.....placing the box in a closet and shutting the door. Now I know this sounds strange, but I do it and usually it works. At least it alleviates it!!! This dear friend lived to be 96. She always had a smile on her face so she must of known something that worked!!

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