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Cat Scan today


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I know I have not really posted in a long time, but I hvae been reading ever day. I guess I have kind if felt like everything was normal again. My mother has been well, no appointments, almost like the cancer was over. today, right this minute, she is getting Cat scans to see if any cancer has recurred since her surgey in April. This is the first Cat Scan since the surgery and I feel like its that time again when we were waiting to find out her diagnosis. I am really worried about this, it didn't hit me until this morning. All the anxiety is coming back, and I haven't fel that in a few months.

As far as I understand if there is a reocurrence, there are not many options avaialbe to us. surgery would not be an option, nor radiation. She had her max radiation levels already for life apparantly.

Guess I just felt the need to become part of this again and get some encouragement.


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Dear ejpritz,

This is a tough time, I go through it every time we get a scan too.... and you're right, it does feel like you are going through the diagnosis phase all over again....

Although your mom may not be able to have surgery or radiation again.... there ARE MANY other options..... please, take it from me..... i have been flying all over the country every time I hear about another one....

There are still various chemo agents and of course Iressa..... there are so many trials re: new drugs, old drugs used in new combinations, etc....

You might want to hang out here and keep an eye on what others are doing.....

Try not to worry until they tell you to worry..... (easier said than done)

PLEASE keep us updated.... as soon as you know the results....

Best Wishes and Many Prayers to you and your mom..


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