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Thank you for the comment about my son. I figured that I am just another ordinary person that is here to help support, but my son, well he is sunshine to my mom and to me. He is giving both of us strength in many ways. That is why i decided to share his beautiful mug rather than mine. My husband tells me that Jory has the hardest job out of all of us during our trying times. Its his job to give us hope and help put smiles on everyones face.

Also, not only are we trying to support and be there for my mom (and help my dad out) we had a house fire in june and living in a hotel and dealing with trying to build our house back up. that is going smoothly, but me and my husband have a lot on our shoulders. It gives me pleasure to be able to hug and kiss that wonderful smiley face and thank god that i can!

I do hope that his picture makes some people smile, because that is what i feel he does best these days!

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