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Local support groups?


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I'm wondering if anyone has found (or for that matter, had time to look for) local support groups for caregivers? It is so wonderful to come on to this board and hear the encouraging words, the prayers, the advice, the sharing of joys and sorrows. Wish we could all get together in one place and talk and hug and laugh and cry! I mean face to face:)

I visited the local lung cancer association right after Scott was diagnosed and they said there was a meeting (in a not very good part of town) for lung cancer patients and their families. But to call first and make sure they were having it. Scott isn't interested in going and I'm not sure. Would like to find a group for the family members where I could meet others who are going through the same types of things - they reallly understand. Has anyone had any experiences with a group like that? Or has anyone tried to start one? I'm sure there's one around here someplace - just need to make it a priority to find it. So far I"ve managed okay, but the last few weeks I've realized that it's getting a lot harder to keep my emotions under control and my outlook positive. I know y'all understand that.


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I would recommend the Wellness Community. However, there isn't one near you (physically). But, they do have virtual communities that you could join. I am in an online support group specifically for caregivers on Tuesday evenings. They have password protected boards and thoroughly investigate (e.g. interview and doctor's confirmation) everyone that joins to make sure they are really legitimate. Here is the website:


Otherwise, I would suggest contacting the local cancer organization for information. Take care.

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The Wellness Community is a really great support group. I haven't been involved in the on-line support but I am a volunteer Orientation Leader at the Wellness Community in Pasadena, CA. I belonged to a participant support group for almost 2 years and I understand the groups for caregivers are great. Give the on-line support group a try, maybe you will meet some people that are near where you live. Good luck to you and your husband.

Hugs and prayers,

Nancy B

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Thanks to you both - I have started looking at it. I also went to ALCASE and after I did I posted under activism. There is a petition online that can be signed asking for more funding for lung research. Needless to say, I signed it. I also posted the lunk under the activism topic. It's


May y'all already know about the petition, but I didn't and I'd love to see everyone on this board sign it! Thanks again.


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