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Tom Galli


How does one find joy in lung cancer?  I find some of mine by celebrating survival, and there is no better way than to attend a LUNGevity sponsored Breathe Deep event.

Our's was a pleasant but breezy fall Texas day and about a hundred of us showed up to the celebratory walk-jog-run event.  Our pleasant jaunt around the Arlington Texas park also raised thousands of dollars to undertake LUNGevity focused research for new diagnostic and treatment methods for lung cancer.  But, while fund raising is vital, celebrating survival is even more important.  When we meet and walk together, we become a powerful symbol of hope.  We become energized.  We find a moment of joy.

Forum moderator Susan Cornett and I met each other for the first time at today's event.  We've been internet connected for nearly 2 years but our in person meeting was a wonderful experience.  We talked about vacations taken and planned, survivor memories, and shared life experiences.  I took this photo of Susan with her mom and dad who turned out to help Susan celebrate life after lung cancer.  We had a grand time.

Stay the course.




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Thanks for sharing this Tom.  Great picture.

I don't ever celebrate the fact I had lung cancer but----- as you say it is great to survive it.

I do know that because of it I also have received many blessings - the many new friends I made because of it including Katie who started this on line support.

All my friends , neighbors , church family who helped me, prayed for me, supported me.  I also have survived !  I have much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving .

Donna G


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It was such a pleasure to meet you on Saturday!  I've often said we're members of a club no one wants to join, but getting to meet and speak with others who've walked the path makes this just a bit better.  We had a good event and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all - 

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