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Diane Milley



My story begins in May of 2013. I am a high school special education teacher and for weeks I had a nagging but dry cough, I wasn't worried about it at all as I was running 3 miles a day, just completed a 5k road race and was very rarely sick. I finally saw my primary care physician who put me on a Z-pack and I went back to my normal life. A few weeks later since the cough had not gone away, I went back to my doctor who gave me a prescription chest x-ray, which I immediately threw on the passenger side of my car and forgot about it. Fast forward 2 weeks later, on a whim I was passing by the x-ray facility and decided to run in and get and a chest x-ray. The next day my doctor called and said he saw something on my lungs that he didn't like and was pretty sure it was cancer. A few days later a bronchoscope was done, and as I was waking up from it I heard a doctor use the word malignant and I knew he was talking about me! Never have I been so scared, I actually made them show me the name of the person on the results, thinking this is a mistake. Non-smoker, 58 year old healthy individual, never gave a thought to lung cancer. It is now 2019 and I have seen targeted therapy, chemo therapy, have had 2 surgeries. I have been on immunotherapy for 2 1/2 years, which has kept me stable. I think maybe the key to success is exercising religiously and making the body stronger for each day that follows. With exercise comes a strong mental attitude… two winning combinations!


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